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Check the possible oil leaks of the steering rack
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Check the possible oil leaks of the steering rack

The oil leakage parts that may be generated by the power steering rack include: the left and right ends of the steering gear, the oil pipe joint, the drive shaft and the entire outer casing.

Steps to further determine the location of the oil spill:

1 )Lift the vehicle and remove the left and right front wheels and the guards on the left and right sides of the steering gear.

2) Check the inside and outside of the dust cover at both ends of the steering rack. If oil is found inside the dust cover, it can be judged as oil leakage. Drying the dust cover indicates that there is no oil leakage at both ends of the steering gear.

3) Dry power steering rack housing and the connection with the oil pipe, and press the direction and stay at the left and right limit positions for 1-3 seconds, repeat several times; observe the possible oil leakage.

Judgment conclusion of oil leakage from steering rack

Strictly follow the above steps to check, if there is still no oil leakage, the steering gear has no oil leakage failure.

Note: This method is suitable for all hydraulic steering racks.