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Dongna Hydraulic steering rack Introduction
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Full hydraulic steering gear: hydraulic power steering rack. The steering gear is a group of gears that end the movement from rotary motion to linear motion, together with the deceleration tumbling device in the steering system. It is a deceleration tumbling device in the steering system. It is the most important part of the system. Its role is to increase the force of the steering wheel to the steering tumbling and the direction of transmission of the modified power

The steering gear selects the energy required for the steering of the car of the power steering system. Under normal circumstances, only a small part is the physical energy supplied by the driver, and most of them are supplied by the engine (or motor) driven oil pump (or air compressor). Hydraulic energy (or barometric pressure).

According to the different energy transfer medium, the power steering gear has two types: pneumatic and hydraulic. It is not advisable to use a pneumatic power steering gear for trucks with a large loading capacity. Due to the low operating pressure of the pneumatic system (usually not higher than 0.7 MPa), the component specifications will be too large for heavy-duty cars. The working pressure of the hydraulic power steering gear can be as high as 10 MPa or more, so the component specifications are small. The hydraulic system operates without noise, has a short lag time, and absorbs shocks from uneven road surfaces. Therefore, hydraulic power steering gear has been widely used in various types of cars.

According to the mechanical full hydraulic steering rack, steering power cylinder and steering control valve, the arrangement and connection relationship in the steering equipment are different. The hydraulic power steering equipment is divided into integral type (mechanical steering gear, steering power cylinder and steering control). The valve is planned as one), combined (planning the mechanical steering gear and steering control valve together, the steering cylinder is independent) and separate (mechanical steering independent, planning the steering control valve and steering cylinder as one) ) Three types of construction.

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