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How electric steering rack work
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Taizhou Dongna steering rack manufacturer describes: the working principle of electric steering rack

The earliest electric steering system appeared in the mid-1970s. The intention of using this system was to: when the vehicle was moving, the engine suddenly stopped working, and when the hydraulic steering assist was lost, the control of the vehicle was avoided. The battery-powered electric steering system is put into operation. Modern electric steering has been further developed, mainly because electric steering has the following advantages:

1. When not turning, it does not consume power. Compared with hydraulic steering system, it can reduce fuel consumption by 3 to 5%.

2. Improve the vehicle's operating function, the size of the boost can be changed by the software in the control unit, simply changing with the speed of the vehicle, etc.

3. Compact and lightweight

4. Low noise during operation

5. Concise structure of hydraulic steering system, oil-free pump, hydraulic oil, rubber hose, oil tank, etc.

6. In line with environmental protection requests, when the vehicle is scrapped, there is no need to deal with hydraulic oil, rubber hose, etc., and there is no leakage of hydraulic oil.

7. Simplified device (extraordinarily for the rear and center of the engine) saves time by three and a half minutes.

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