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How to judge whether the steering gear is working properly
- Nov 04, 2018 -

How to judge whether the steering gear is working properly


Hydraulic steering gear for chevrolet First, we can listen to whether the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic system work when the noise is too large, the pressure valve, the sequence valve and other pressure control components have screams, and the other is to hear the impact sound, refers to the workbench When the hydraulic cylinder is reversing, the impact sound is too large, and the piston has the sound of hitting the bottom of the cylinder. When the reversing valve is reversed, there is a phenomenon that the end cap is struck.

The second is to use our touch to touch the moving parts of the allowable mold with our hands to understand its working status.

1. The hydraulic steering rack touches the vibration and touches the vibration condition of the moving parts and pipelines by hand. If there is high frequency vibration, the cause should be checked.

2, touch crawling, when the workbench is moving at low speed and light speed, touch the hand with or without crawling

3, touch the degree of tightness, the degree of tightness of the hand touch iron, micro switch and fastening screws

Hydraulic power steering rack generally have different feelings, and there will be differences, but after repeated practice, they will eventually solve the problem. This method is mainly aimed at experienced technicians who are more experienced.

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