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How to overhaul the steering rack of the steering axle
- Oct 24, 2018 -

The main damages of the steering rack of the steering axle are the knuckle journal crack, the inner bushing wear, the wear of the knuckle journal and the inner and outer bearing, the wear of the knuckle king pin and the bushing, the damage of the outer half shaft spline, etc. The repair requirements are as follows:

    1. When the inner and outer bearing journals of the steering rack are worn, the clearance with the bearing exceeds 0. lomm, repair must be carried out, usually by chrome plating or iron plating, surfacing welding, the normal fit clearance after repair should be 0.003 0. 06mm. For repairs, the replacement of the bushing is often used to restore the normal fit clearance. When the journal wear is too much, the insert can be repaired by the method of surfacing, chrome plating, iron plating, etc., and the normal fit clearance after repair is 0.195~0. 390mmo.

    2. When power steering rack bushing has slight cracks, it can be repaired and repaired. If it is serious, it should be replaced in time.

 3. Wear steering rack pin and bushing wear, when the clearance exceeds 0.10-0. 15mm, the kingpin or bushing should be replaced in time to make the fit clearance back to 0.008-0. 044mma  

 4. outer half shaft spline wear and half When the clearance of the shaft flange disc spline exceeds 0.50mm, repair should be carried out. It is common to re-mill the spline after surfacing.