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Know more about electric power steering rack
- Oct 25, 2018 -

According to professionals, the English abbreviation for electric power steering system is called "EPS" (Electrical Power Steering), which uses the power generated by the electric motor to assist the driver in steering. Such systems typically consist of a torque sensor, an electronic control unit, an electric motor, a speed reducer, a mechanical steering rack, and a battery power source. The specific working principle is as follows: When the vehicle is turning, the torque sensor detects the torque and the direction of rotation of the steering wheel, and sends these signals to the electronic control unit. The electronic control unit sends the data to the motor according to the rotational torque, the direction of rotation and the vehicle speed of the steering wheel. The controller sends a signal command to cause the motor to output a torque of a corresponding magnitude and direction to generate a boosting force. When not turning, the electronic control unit does not send a signal to the motor controller, and the motor does not work. At the same time, the electronic control unit determines the force transmitted to the steering wheel through the electro-hydraulic converter according to the vehicle speed signal, thereby reducing the feeling of the driver's steering wheel “floating” at high speed.

According to industry insiders, since the electric power steering rack system requires only electric power and no hydraulic pressure, many components are omitted compared with the mechanical hydraulic power steering system. There are no oil pumps, oil pipes, pressure flow control valves, oil storage tanks, etc. required by the hydraulic system. The number of parts is small, the arrangement is convenient, the weight is light, and there is no “parasitic loss” and liquid leakage loss. Therefore, the electric power steering rack system can save energy by about 80% under various driving conditions, which improves the running performance of the car. Because of the many advantages of electric power steering, it has been rapidly promoted in recent years, and it is also the development direction of power steering system in the future.埃及M.K中性牢固内盒