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Other factors affecting excessive fuel consumption are the following
- Aug 28, 2018 -

1) The engine oil dipstick and oil refueling Vl cover must be installed, otherwise it will affect the engine operation.

2) The intake hose must not be broken, and the hoop must be installed and fastened. Because the air leakage will affect the signal of the air flow meter or the intake pressure sensor, thus affecting the fuel injection amount, making the engine idle, unstable, easy to extinguish, poor power and acceleration performance.

3) The vacuum tube cannot be broken, twisted, or inserted. The wrong insertion of the vacuum tube will make the engine idle and unstable, and even make the cylinders alternately work alternately.

4) The injector should be installed with a snug and the seal is intact. If the installation is not comfortable or the seal is damaged, the upper installation seal will cause oil leakage and cause serious accidents. The lower seal will cause air leakage and reduce the engine vacuum and run poorly.

5) Be careful when observing the data stream. Before and after the maintenance, it is best to record it first.

6) A comprehensive inspection of the operation of the fuel vapor evaporation control system.

7) Sometimes, if a knock sensor is over-tightened, it becomes too sensitive and causes a reduction in the ignition advance angle to cause a drop in fuel economy. When the knock sensor is removed and reinstalled, it is important to tighten the sensor to the specified torque. The procedure for checking the sensor depends on the model and year of manufacture of the car. Be sure to check according to the test procedures and technical standards recommended by the car manufacturer.