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Steering rack for toyota assist oil replacement method and precautions
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Steering rack for toyota assist oil replacement method and precautions


The steering rack manufacturer put the steering wheel to the straight position, let the engine continue to run for 2 to 3 minutes, observe whether the oil will turn white again, and then stop the engine running normally. After the road test of the car, it is necessary to check whether the height of the oil surface meets the requirements. Since the passage of the oil flowing in the power steering device is fine and small, and the temperature difference between the normal working temperature and the cold state is large, the height of the oil surface should be determined in a hot state.

Exhaust of steering gear assist oil

The power steering device does not allow air to be present during use and refueling, especially after disassembling its components to ensure proper operation. The steering wheel is set up, the engine is idling, and one end of the plastic hose is placed on the vent screw of the power steering rack device, and the other end is inserted into the container, and the steering wheel is repeatedly hit all the way. The power steering rack manufacturer waits until the hydraulic steering oil is initially filled in the  device, and then the wheel is lowered, and the venting screw plug is loosened, so that the system is deflated by the venting screw plug under a higher pressure.

The steering wheel is repeatedly hit again, and then deflated until the container no longer has bubbles and emulsification, and after the engine stops, the liquid level does not change much, indicating that the air has been drained.

During the above-mentioned exhausting process, the liquid level will drop, and when the oil level is too low, it will enter the air again. Therefore, the steering assist oil should be added at any time to maintain the standard liquid level.


After the above steps are completed, check the power steering device for leaks (see Maintenance of Power Steering gear for details). Make sure that there is no leakage of the pipeline, and the power steering oil that the steering rack manufacturer turns to this step is completely replaced.

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