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The composition and function of steering gear
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The composition and function of steering gear

The hydraulic steering rack for chevrolet is a cycloidal rotary valve type full hydraulic steering gear composed of a follower rotary valve and a cycloidal rotary stator pair. It is a fully hydraulic steering system consisting of a fuel pump, relief valve (or diverter valve), steering cylinder and other connecting accessories.

Its function is to increase the transmission direction of the steering wheel to the steering rack and change the direction of transmission. Widely used in agricultural machinery, shipbuilding machinery, garden machinery, road maintenance machinery, forestry machinery, engineering machinery and mining machinery and other low-speed heavy-duty vehicles. The driver can achieve greater steering force control with less maneuvering force, and the performance is safe, reliable, and the operation is light and flexible.

The electric power steering of the hydraulic power steering gear is when the driver touches the steering wheel, the motor underneath it is gear-and-pinion type power steering. There is a hydraulic pump beside the engine. The working power hydraulic boost of the engine is the combination of the former two. It is also the most complicated structure of the steering booster on the market today. The structure of the steering booster is very complicated. The average person can't repair it. Usually it is not easy to be damaged. Note: First, always check the oil in the oil cup, not lower than the lower limit of the oil dipstick. If the booster loses oil, the pressure pump may be scrapped. Second, regular oil changes can not kill the direction. Try not to go in the same direction.

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