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The running part of a general vehicle is composed of two two-axle bogies
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The vehicle bogie refers to an independent running structure composed of two or more pairs of wheel alignment frames and the like, which can be rotated relative to the vehicle body and equipped with springs and the like. The vehicle body is supported on two or more bogies depending on the total weight of the vehicle. The running part of a typical vehicle is composed of two two-axle bogies, and a few vehicles use three-axle bogies. There are also a few long-haul trucks consisting of four, six or eight bogies. The more the number of axles, the greater the load on the vehicle. The bogie usually consists of a side frame (or frame), a wheel set, an axle box, a spring damper, a bolster, a bogie base brake device, and the like. According to the use, it can be divided into two categories: passenger car bogies and freight car bogies.

According to its construction form, it can be divided into guide frame type, no guide frame type, cast steel frame (side frame) type, welded steel plate type, etc. According to its installed wheel pair model, it can be divided into B-axis bogie (for load 30t). Car), C-axis bogie (for 40t vehicles), D-axis bogie (for 50t and 60t vehicles) and E-axle (for vehicles with loads above 60t). The bogie is fitted with the upper central disc of the lower part of the vehicle body through a circular lower core plate at the center thereof, so that the vehicle body and the bogie can be relatively smoothly deflected. Therefore, after the bogie is used, a relatively long vehicle can be easily passed through the curved section, and the resistance of the vehicle when passing the curve can be reduced. When the vehicle passes through the unevenness of the line, the vertical displacement of the vehicle body can be reduced, thereby increasing the stability of the vehicle operation. It is also convenient to install multiple springs and dampers on the bogie to ensure the vehicle has good running quality, which can improve the running speed of the vehicle. The bogie can be easily pushed out from under the car body, making it easy to access.