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Advantages Of Recirculating Ball Steering
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The recirculating ball steering gear is composed of a transmission groove formed by a steel ball in a spiral groove formed by a screw and a nut, and a transmission pair formed by a rack on the nut and a tooth fan on the rocker shaft.

The advantages of the recirculating ball steering gear are: because there is a steel ball that can circulate between the screw and the nut, the sliding friction is changed into rolling friction, so the transmission efficiency can reach 75% to 85%; measures are taken in structure and process. Including improving the manufacturing precision, improving the surface roughness of the working surface and the quenching and grinding of the spiral groove on the screw and nut, so that it has sufficient hardness and wear resistance to ensure sufficient service life; The transmission ratio can be changed; the work is stable and reliable; the gap adjustment between the rack and the tooth fan is easy to perform; it is suitable for the integral power steering.

The main disadvantages of the recirculating ball steering gear are: high reverse efficiency, complicated structure, difficult manufacturing, and high manufacturing precision.

Recirculating ball steering gears are mainly used on trucks and buses.