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Advantages Of The Worm Pin Steering Gear
- Aug 28, 2018 -

If the pin of the worm pin steering gear cannot rotate, it is called the fixed pin type worm gear pin steering gear; the pin can rotate around its own axis in addition to the rotation of the rocker arm shaft, which is called the rotating pin steering. Device. According to the number of sales, there are separate sales and double sales.

The advantage of the worm pin steering gear is that the gear ratio of the steering gear can be made constant or varied; after the working surface between the pin and the worm is worn, the adjustment of the clearance work is easy.

The fixed pin worm pin type steering gear has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture. However, since the pin cannot rotate, the working part of the pin remains basically unchanged, so the wear is fast and the work efficiency is low. Rotary pin steering gears are highly efficient and slow to wear, but have a complex structure.

When the rocker shaft is required to have a large corner, a double pin type structure should be adopted. The double-pin steering gear is in the vicinity of the straight running area, and the two pins work at the same time, which can reduce the load on the pin and reduce wear. When one pin is disengaged, the other pin is subjected to the full force, and at this position, the force reaches a maximum, so the design should pay attention to the strength. Compared with the single-pin worm-finger steering gear, the double-pin is complex in structure, large in size and quality, and has high requirements on the positional accuracy between the two kingpins and the shape and dimensional accuracy of the thread groove on the worm. In addition, variations in the transmission ratio and transmission gap characteristics are limited.