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Auto Parts Industry Development Path
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The new era calls for the management of new auto parts industry. Under the background of the rapid growth of cost funds, increasingly fierce competition in the auto parts industry, and the continuous improvement of corporate management requirements, the management and development of the traditional auto parts industry has been greatly challenged. Especially the booming of information technology today has created new development opportunities for China's auto parts industry and brought a revolutionary test.

 The informationization of auto parts industry management is the only way for the management of auto parts industry, and it is one of the important contents and foundations for establishing a modern enterprise system. Regardless of the development environment faced by today's auto parts industry or the superiority of management informationization, it is crucial to develop information management of auto parts industry.


Thoughts on the Future Development Path of Taizhou Dongna

1. Further develop and apply the automobile steering rack and engine mount production and operation management system, transform the traditional industry with information technology, and create a new path of low cost, high efficiency and high level.

2. Informatization is the “top leader” project of the enterprise and the full-time project of the enterprise. It must be highly valued from the strategic level and implemented in a solid manner. It is urgent to establish and expand the enterprise technology center to improve the innovation capability; strengthen international cooperation. However, we must pay attention to maintaining the autonomy of enterprises; the level of modernization of enterprises should be based on the level of informatization as an important measure; informatization has only a starting point and no end.

3. Vigorously strengthen information network security protection


At the same time, we must do the following work:

1. Improve the information awareness of Dongna management and all employees

2.Establish a sound modern management system that can support the construction of information technology

3. Respect, train and rationally use technical talents, establish a scientific salary system and technical talent management system

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