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Automotive Steering Rack System Introduction
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Automotive steering rack system introduction

1 mechanical hydraulic boost

The main principle of mechanical hydraulic power steering rack is based on a mechanical rack and pinion steering mechanism, adding a complete hydraulic system, including a liquid storage tank, a hydraulic booster pump, a mechanical valve connected to the steering column, and a steering mechanism. The hydraulic cylinder and the piston that can push the steering rod, etc., the hydraulic pump is driven by the engine through the belt, that is, only the engine is running, and the steering pump can be operated.

   Advantages: Ø The technology is mature and stable, and the reliability is high. Ø Lower cost.

   Disadvantages: Ø Because the hydraulic pump is driven by the engine belt, it will consume a part of the engine's power, affecting the fuel economy and the power of the vehicle, especially for the small-displacement model in which the power itself is relatively weak. Ø The mechanical strength of the simple mechanical hydraulic power system is not adjustable, and it is difficult to balance the different requirements for pointing accuracy at low speed and high speed.

Representative models: commonly used in mini vehicles such as QQ, BYD F0 and so on.

2. Electro-hydraulic boost

   The electro-hydraulic assist principle is exactly the same as the mechanical hydraulic boost, and the biggest difference from the mechanical hydraulic boost is that instead of using the hydraulic pump driven by the belt through the engine, it is replaced by an electric-driven electronic pump.

Advantages: Ø The advantages of electro-hydraulic boost are first reflected in energy consumption. First, the electric pump driven by electric energy uses the electric energy output from the generator and the battery, and no longer consumes the power of the engine itself. ØSecondly, through the processing of the information of the sensor such as the vehicle speed sensor, the lateral acceleration sensor, and the steering angle sensor, the force of the steering assist can be changed by changing the flow rate of the electronic pump in real time, and the variable speed assisting function can be realized.

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