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Car Steering Gear-Do You Often Drive For A Long Time In The Direction Of Driving?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Many riders are used to reducing the turning radius of the vehicle when turning around the vehicle. They are used to the direction of the vehicle. Although this can reduce the turning radius, this behavior actually makes the car very hurt especially the power steering rack. Today we will look at it. "where is it?

1. Affect tire life                             

The front wheel is in the original direction to bear the weight of the entire body, but also to move. The wear on the surface of the tire must be large, reducing the life of the tire.


2. Increase the burden of hydraulic or electronic power steering rack

The steering gear has enabled vacuuming for many of the cars now, but that only reduces the driver's operational intensity and does not relieve the burden on the steering wheel itself.

In-situ direction is the operation mode that makes the steering rack load the most and damages the most. Repeating the direction of the original position repeatedly will cause the gap between the direction linkage system to be too large and premature aging, and even cause safety hazards. At this time, the pressure in the power steering pump is also much higher than the pressure in the direction of the vehicle moving, especially the large off-road vehicle. The damage to the power pump is often severe in the direction of the power pump. How big is this force, try After turning off the flame, turn the steering wheel with both hands and you will know.

from Taizhou dongna--producer of power steering rack for citroen

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