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Car Steering Gear Maintenance
- Nov 28, 2018 -

First, check the steering gear for oil leakage check

Check for leaks in the hydraulic lines, joints, oil drain plugs, etc. between the steering gear, the oil storage tank and the steering oil pump.

Second, cleaning the steering rack

First release the steering hydraulic oil. Flip up the cab front cover, pull out the dipstick, and place the cleaning container (capacity greater than 4 liters) under the steering gear to prepare for oil. Lift the front axle until the wheels are completely off the ground. Unscrew the oil drain plug on the lower end cover of the steering gear and start the engine for 10 seconds to ignite immediately. The hydraulic oil in the oil pump and the oil storage tank is discharged. Turn the steering wheel to the left and right repeatedly until the limit is reached until the oil is completely drained. Tighten the oil drain plug.

Then clean the oil storage tank and clean and replace the filter element.

Finally exhausted. Open the oil tank cap and add it to the edge of the tank. Step on the exhaust brake button, use the starter to drive the engine to make a few laps, and at the same time replenish the oil into the oil tank, start the engine idling, and slowly turn the steering wheel to the extreme position. Repeat this several times to completely exhaust the air in the steering system. 

from Taizhou dongna--factory of steering gear for dodge

steering gear for dodge