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Car Steering Rack-Know These 6 Secrets And Greatly Extend The Life Of The Vehicle!
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Car steering rack-Know these 6 secrets and greatly extend the life of the vehicle!

1, the brake does not step on the end to hang P gear - damage transmission

In a manual transmission, the clutch will not damage the transmission if it is not stepped on.

2, the fuel tank is at the bottom to refuel - the oil pump is short-lived

There are always some lazy drivers who like to wait until the fuel warning light is on before looking for a gas station. However, the fuel pump of the EFI car relies on the fuel itself to cool. If the oil level is too low, it is very likely that the pump will overheat or even burn out. In the long run, the life of the pump of the car may be greatly reduced.

3, the parking space is not flat - damage frame

Some car owners often have half of their wheels parked on the shoulders of the road. Long-term parking like this will cause the four-wheel drop to be too large, causing distortion to the frame and even affecting the closing of the door. Long-term parking on uneven ground can have similar consequences.

In addition, the wheel does not return to the right after parking, it is also very hurt: it will damage the steering rod and dust jacket, affecting the steering system.

4, with air conditioning start - damage engine

It is best to turn off the air conditioner one or two minutes before the flameout - in this case, in addition to drying the air conditioning vents, preventing the bacteria from growing in the air conditioner, and more importantly, if the air conditioner is not turned off, the engine will be air-conditioned the next time the vehicle starts. 

5, killing direction - destroying the power steering rack mechanism

The problem of driving in the direction of death, many friends have, often killing the steering wheel will cause loss of the direction of the car's power pump, the length of time will increase the aging of the booster pump belt, the booster pump is broken, and the steering gear also has an impact. If you have to kill the direction, the correct way is to return to the point immediately after killing the direction, you can avoid the damage of the steering rack.

6, neutral sliding - damaged gearbox

Damage to the gearbox: When the automatic neutral gear is coasting, the driving speed is different from the engine speed. It is easy to appear that the oil pressure in the hydraulic circuit of the gearbox is insufficient, which will increase the friction and damage the friction plate inside the automatic gearbox, eventually leading to the gearbox. malfunction.

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