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Dongna Analyses Power Steering Rack Common Fault For Customers
- Nov 11, 2018 -

Dongna analyses power steering rack common fault for customers

Take power steering rack for BMW as example show

1.The method of analysis and elimination of the reason why the steering wheel rotates and cannot return to the neutral position:

This failure generally occurs when the rearrangement of the rotor and the actuator is incorrectly assembled after repairing or disassembling the steering gear, causing the misalignment of the steering rack. The coupling should be reinstalled so that the mark on the spline of the coupler is aligned with the mark on the spline of the rotor. If there is no mark, the center line of the dial groove at the upper end of the coupler should be aligned with the center line of any tooth on the rotor.

2. Methods for analyzing and eliminating the serious sway of the steering rack

(1) Mechanical failure. Such as the wear between the connecting pin and the connecting pin, the gap is increased, or the bearing of the steering wheel is worn or the like. The normal working condition of the system should be restored by checking the clearance and replacing the parts.

(2) There is air in the steering gear cylinder. Loosen the joint of the oil port at one end of the steering cylinder, turn the steering wheel, and let the oil flow through the power steering gear into a cavity of the un-tightened joint until the loose joint is free of air bubbles and only flows oil. Tighten the connector again.

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