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DONGNA Fire Safety Training
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Fire safety training

In order to implement the policy of “prevention first, prevent elimination and combination”, the steering rack company DONGNA will improve the fire management level of the company. On the afternoon of December 25th, the company invited the instructor of the Yuhuan Fire Brigade to come to the company to hold fire safety training. A total of 105 people including the company's general manager, department managers, part-time security officers, warehouse managers, electricians, security guards and some employees attended the training. During the training process, Ke instructor combined with the actual situation, cited the fire cases and fire damage caused by various aspects, mainly explained the fire characteristics, basic knowledge of fire protection, common knowledge of fire prevention and fire fighting, fire prevention and suppression, daily fire supervision and management, fire protection law, Fire alarms and escape self-help and other related knowledge have enabled the majority of cadres and staff to personally feel the fire hazard, consciously establish fire safety awareness, and assume responsibility and obligation to ensure fire safety. Through this training, the company's employees' fire safety awareness has been enhanced, and the ability to prevent and respond to fire escape and self-rescue has been improved, laying a foundation for the company's power steering rack and engine mount safe production.

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