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Dongna Share Steering Rack Cavitation Major Reason
- Nov 02, 2018 -

When power steering rack cavitation interacts with other types of corrosion, it will accelerate the corrosion rate of the main parts of the steering gear hydraulic cylinder several times or even several times, which will affect the normal use of construction machinery. Therefore, it is necessary to specifically prevent the cavitation of the hydraulic cylinder. 

Now, DONGNA shares with everybody as follow:

(1) improper manufacturing and maintenance leads to cavitation

Since the hydraulic system is not exhausted during assembly or maintenance, the gas is present in the system, and cavitation can be generated under the action of high temperature and high pressure.

(2) There is a problem with the quality of the coolant leading to cavitation

When the coolant contains corrosive media, such as various acid ions, oxidants, etc., it is prone to chemical, electrochemical corrosion, etc. When they are together, it will speed up the cavitation; if the cooling system is well maintained, Prevent the occurrence of cavitation. For example, the pressure cap of the cooling system radiator, if properly maintained, can keep the coolant pressure of the radiator always higher than the vapor pressure, thus preventing cavitation. Another example is a high performance thermostat for a cooling system; a good temperature thermostat keeps the coolant at a suitable temperature range, reducing the energy released by the bubble burst.

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