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Dongna Strategic Human Resource Management
- Dec 02, 2018 -

Dongna Strategic Human Resource Management

Work together to build an elite team of Dongna to ensure the smooth realization of Dongna's strategic goals and vision; continuously enhance Dongna's core competitiveness; provide the foundation and guarantee for Dongna internationalization to attract talents, manage talents and promote talent development, and The concept of “growth together” between employees and Dongner was implemented with the joint efforts of all of our Dongna people and served as the core driving force for the continued development of Dongna. The growth of Dongna is inseparable from the efforts of employees.


We chose the name “together” because it reflects development and solidarity and is suitable for Dongna’s corporate culture. It manages employees in a fair manner based on all employee diversity to meet the company's overall needs, and the Human Resources Department will guide the direction. “Common growth” is a strategy that affects all Dongna people. Not only for human resources, the company's management cadres should implement this strategy well. We emphasize this fact because the idea is not to centralize employee management, but to support all departments and employees.

“Growing together” can be described as a road map that guides us to create peaks in accordance with Dongna’s vision and goals. We must establish the concept that “employees are proud of Dongna and Dongna is proud of their employees”, so that Shibao employees can work hard for their careers and ideals.

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