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Electric Power Steering Rack, Breakthrough
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Nowadays, power steering systems have become the standard setting for some cars, and about half of the world's cars use power steering. With the development of automotive electronics technology, some cars have used electric power steering gears to improve the economy, power and mobility of the car.


Since the electric power steering system requires only electric power without hydraulic pressure, many components are omitted compared to the mechanical hydraulic power steering system. There are no oil pumps, oil pipes, pressure flow control valves, oil storage tanks, etc. required by the hydraulic system, and the number of parts is small, the arrangement is convenient, and the weight is light. And there is no "parasitic loss" and liquid leakage loss. Therefore, the electric power steering rack system can save energy by about 80% under various driving conditions, which improves the running performance of the car. Therefore, it has been rapidly promoted in recent years, and it is also the development direction of the steering rack system in the future.


Some cars have electric power steering. In fact, it is not a pure electric power steering. It also requires a hydraulic system, but it is supplied by an electric motor. The oil pump of a conventional hydraulic power steering system is driven by an engine. In order to ensure the car's in-situ steering or portability during low-speed steering, the displacement of the pump is determined by the flow rate at which the engine is idling. Most of the time when the car is running at a speed higher than the idle speed and the straight running state, most of the oil output from the oil pump can only be returned to the oil storage tank through the control valve, causing a large "parasitic loss". In order to reduce such losses, a motor-driven oil pump is used. When the vehicle is traveling straight, the motor runs at a low speed, and when the vehicle is turning, the motor runs at a high speed. By controlling the speed of the motor to adjust the flow rate and pressure of the oil pump, the "parasitic loss" is reduced.

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