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Engine Mount Advanced Training
- Feb 21, 2019 -

In order to improve the quality of employees, strengthen the quality awareness of employees, and build a learning organization, the first phase of the heat treatment advanced training class sponsored by Yuhuan Technical School passed the theoretical and practical operation test on Feb 21st, and 15 engine mount students completed it.

At the same time of the engine mounts production task, all of them passed the examination and obtained the certificate of senior workers. Among them, Wang Quan, Wang Chen, Wu Caifeng and Su Hong were commended and motivated for their excellent performance. Through comprehensive training in heat treatment knowledge, heat treatment employees have improved their quality awareness and operational skills. The second phase of the Mechanical Advanced Training Course consisted of 38 employees including inspection, drilling machines and lathes. It was officially opened on November 17 of 2018. The class members have a greater improvement in the situation of attending classes, quality of lectures, and after-school study than in the previous period. In particular, the attitude of the inspectors has been well received by the teachers of Yuhuan Technical School.

The purpose of the company's training courses is to continuously improve the overall quality of skilled workers for engine mounting, provide technical guarantees for production and operation, and build a team of employees.

from Taizhou dongna--manufacturer of car engine mount 

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