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Engine Mount Factory Dongna Recruitment - Always Build A Green Channel For You
- Jan 17, 2019 -

Employees are strategic partners and important resources of the engine mount enterprise. Only by finding the combination of employees and business needs, meeting the needs and hopes of both parties, and achieving common development, achieving win-win and win-win is the ultimate goal. Dongna’s Human Resources Department has an important task: always pay attention to engine mounts talents. No matter what the problem is, they have the responsibility to help them. What Dongna has to do is to build a green channel and advocate “accessibility” work methods so that all people can Every step after entering the company feels no obstacles. And the Dongna people will be respected in the society, because Dongna is returning to the society, and all the Dongna people gather together to think that what others think is impossible or impossible, will be all in the hands of all our Dongna people. achieve.

original from Taizhou dongna--manufacturer of engine mount for Honda

engine mount for Honda