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Engine Mount Measurement Management System Passed Annual Review
- Feb 26, 2019 -

Engine mount Measurement management system passed annual review.

On Feb 26th,2019, entrusted by Zhongqi Measurement System Certification Center, the auditing experts of Zhejiang Metrology Association conducted an annual review of the company's measurement management system. 

The audit team reviewed the sites covered by the measurement management system, such as the company's quality assurance department, enterprise management department, and manufacturing department, through interviews, on-site observations, inquiry records, and document review. The two measurement processes and two inspections of steering rack and engine mount were reviewed. Verification process (including field test verification) and traceability of measurement equipment. After on-site audit, the audit team agreed that the measurement and verification system of the company's measurement management system is basically implemented according to relevant requirements. The operation of the system complies with the system requirements, the measurement equipment and measurement process are controlled, and the system operates effectively.

from Taizhou dongna-producer of engine mount for fiat

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