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Engine Mount Producer Sun Ming Was Awarded The Outstanding Scientific And Technological Workers In Yuhuan City's Scientific And Technological Innovation Achievements
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Since entering our DONGNA company, Comrade Sun Ming has been fighting in the front line of engine mount technology research and development. The team he led has effectively developed a large number of new engine mounting products and made outstanding contributions to the growth of the company's economic benefits.

In the defense against the financial turmoil, he led The team developed the energy-absorbing steering system product and won the market for the company. As a leader in technological innovation, his outstanding performance has been widely recognized by the society. In January 2019, he was awarded the "Engine mounts Technology Workers with Outstanding Achievements in Science and Technology Innovation in Yuhuan City in 2017-2018”.

Reported by Taizhou dongna mechanical&electrical co ltd--manufacturer of engine mount for mazda.

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