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Focus On Ordinary Positions And Inherit The Spirit Of Dongnan
- Mar 12, 2019 -

Focus on ordinary positions and inherit the spirit of Dongna

What is the model engine mount worker spirit of Dongna shares? Focus on work, responsibility for the position, skill level and professional ethics, both dare to take the burden for the company, but also for the scorpion cow. With his dedication and dedication, Mr. Ye Le won the honor of the model worker of Yuhuan City and became a member of the many model workers of Dongna. Since joining the company in April 2010, Comrade Ye Le has started from the most basic level of engine mount CNC positions, dedicating his dedication, professional business and innovation. He has won the first “Top Ten Foreign Youths” in Yuhuan City and the First “Top Ten Foreigners” in Taizhou City. "Youth" and many other honors have realized self-worth in the ordinary work and passed on the spirit of Dongna.

Dongna shares encourage employees to achieve personal value, and only everyone can achieve Dongna’s career.

Special reported from Taizhou dongna--producer of engine mount for Audi

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