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How Foreign Body Entered Steering Rack Cylinder? Let DONGNA Tell You
- Nov 04, 2018 -

Foreign matter entering the steering rack pipeline has a variety of conditions:

a. Do not pay attention when cleaning. When the pipeline is installed and cleaned, it should not pass through the cylinder. A bypass line must be installed in front of the oil port of the cylinder. this point is very important. Otherwise, the foreign matter in the pipeline will enter the cylinder. Once it enters, it is difficult to remove it outward, but instead it will transfer foreign matter to the cylinder. In addition, when cleaning, consider the method of removing the foreign matter introduced in the installation of the pipeline. In addition, the corrosion in the pipe, etc., should be carried out before the installation of the pipeline, and the rust must be completely removed. 

b. Chips formed during pipe processing. After the tube has been machined for a fixed length, it should not be left behind when deburring it at both ends. Furthermore, placing steel pipes near the site where the welding steering gear pipeline is operated is the cause of welding foreign matter. The pipe placed near the welding operation site shall be sealed at the nozzle. It must also be noted that the pipe material should be available on a dust-free work surface. 

c. The sealing tape enters the power steering rack cylinder. As a simple sealing material, a PTFE plastic sealing tape is often used in installation and inspection. If the winding method of the linear or strip-shaped sealing material is not correct, the sealing tape will be cut off and enter the steering rack cylinder. The wire strip seal does not affect the winding of the sliding part, but it may cause the check valve of the cylinder to malfunction or cause the buffer regulating valve to not adjust to the end; for the circuit, it may cause the reversing valve and overflow The valve and pressure reducing valve malfunction.

The traditional repair method is to repair the damaged parts after the disassembly, or to perform brush plating or overall scratching of the surface, repair the cylinder of the periodic cylinder to repair the scratch, and the repair cost is high. 

The use of Maxwell's application technology to recover the scratch size of the phenomenon, the excellent adhesion of the material and the good pressure resistance, not only can meet the production requirements under the above requirements, but also the operation process is simple and easy. No heat effect, the thickness of the coating is not limited. At the same time, the coating itself has superior oil and corrosion resistance and self-lubricating function, ensuring the wear resistance after repair, ensuring the normal production of the enterprise and avoiding the damage of equipment components.

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