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How To Inspect Steering Gear Cylinder? Let Dongna Tell You
- Nov 12, 2018 -

How to inspect steering gear cylinder

Taizhou Dongna takes steering gear for BMW as eg.

1.The sliding surface of the power steering rack piston rod:

When a longitudinal strain or scratch is generated on the sliding surface of the piston rod that slides relative to the piston rod seal. The method of judgment and processing is the same as the inner surface of the steering rack cylinder. However, the sliding surface of the piston rod is generally hard chrome plated. If a part of the plating layer is peeled off due to wear and a longitudinal flaw is formed, the external oil leakage at the seal of the piston rod greatly affects. The old coating must be removed and rechromed and polished. The thickness of chrome plating is about 0.05 mm. In such a case, after the technical personnel determine, fill in the "Hydraulic Component Maintenance Retirement Proposal" and negotiate with the user to replace the piston rod or scrapped hydraulic steering gear cylinder. For the unsealable sealing caused by the bending deformation of the piston rod, the technical personnel shall determine the replacement of the piston rod or the scrapping hydraulic power steering rack cylinder by filling in the “Recommendation for Maintenance of the Hydraulic Components Maintenance” and negotiating with the user.


The seal of the piston and the seal of the piston rod are key components to prevent internal oil leakage and external oil leakage of the hydraulic cylinder. Inspecting the seal should first observe the presence or absence of injury to the lip of the seal and the friction of the sealed friction surface. When it is found that the lip of the seal is scratched, the new seal is replaced when the friction surface is worn. Seals that have a hardened, brittle condition must be replaced for a long period of use. When replacing the seal, pay attention to the compatibility of the seal with the hydraulic medium.

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