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How To Maintain Power Steering Rack?
- Dec 12, 2018 -

there are the following aspects need to be noted:

1. regular checking steering rack direction, check the two sides of the protection of the fire steering gear Upper and universal cross shaft connection of the state of the protective sleeve. The breakage of the sheath will cause premature wear and damage of the vehicle's power steering rack. If the sheath is damaged, then the water and dust will flow to the damaged place to lead into the auto steering rack, resulting in the inside of the gear rack wear phenomenon, resulting in the internal corrosion of the steering gear and other problems.  

2. in the maintenance, should check the steering pump belt tightness, to see if there is a fracture, if it should be replaced in a timely manner, the degree of tightness should be the finger press 1cm or so advisable;   

3. the regular inspection of hydraulic system pipe joints whether there is oil leakage phenomenon, hydraulic tubing should try to avoid friction with other parts to prevent breakage into the gas, at the same time, the hydraulic hose should be regularly replaced to prevent the plastic tube peeling plug pipe;  

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