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How To Maintain The Car Steering Rack?
- Dec 02, 2018 -

How to maintain the car steering rack?

Check if the steering gear is short of oil

Open the filler plug and check that the oil level should be flush with the lower edge of the filler port or slightly lower.

Check the power steering rack fluid method: Unscrew and lift the dipstick of the steering oil tank to see

if the oil is between the upper and lower marks.

Check and supplement the steering rack lubricant and clean the vent method:

Check the sealing of the power steering system, check and add hydraulic oil

     1) Park the car on a flat road; 

     2) Check for leaks in the hydraulic lines, joints, oil drain plugs, etc. between the steering gear, the oil storage tank and the steering oil pump.

     3) Clean the oil and dust on the oil storage tank cover with a cloth, and pull out the oil dipstick to see the oil level. The oil level should be between the upper and lower marks of the oil scale; (Note: When checking the oil level, it must be turned off

     4) When the oil level is too low, the same grade of hydraulic oil should be added in time;

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