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Power Steering Gear Is Available In Both Pneumatic And Hydraulic Versions
- Aug 28, 2018 -

According to different energy transfer media, the power steering gear is available in both pneumatic and hydraulic modes. Pneumatic power steering gears should not be used for trucks with extremely large loading capacity, because the working pressure of the pneumatic system is low (generally not higher than 0.7 MPa), and the components will be too large when used in heavy-duty vehicles. The working pressure of the hydraulic power steering gear can be as high as 10 MPa or more, so the size of the components is small. The hydraulic system works without noise, has a short working lag time, and absorbs shocks from uneven road surfaces. Therefore, hydraulic power steering gear has been widely used in various types of vehicles.

According to the different arrangement and connection relationship of the mechanical steering gear, the steering power cylinder and the steering control valve in the steering device, the hydraulic power steering device is divided into an integral type (mechanical steering gear, steering power cylinder and steering control valve). Designed as one), combined (designed mechanical steering and steering control valves, independent steering cylinder) and separate (mechanical steering independent, steering control valve and steering cylinder designed as one) Structure type.

Only the hydraulic integral power steering gear is introduced here.