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Power Steering Rack Manufacturer Talk About The Installation Process Of Cylinder
- Nov 07, 2018 -

power steering rack manufacturer talk about the installation process of cylinder

eg: power steering rack for AUDI

1. Install the sealing gland screw of the steering rack hydraulic cylinder block, and tighten the screw to ensure that the piston moves flexibly on the full stroke, without blockage and uneven weight. If the screw is tightened too much, it will increase the resistance and accelerate the wear; if it is too loose, it will cause oil leakage.

2. For steering gear hydraulic cylinders with exhaust valves or exhaust plugs, the exhaust valve or exhaust plug must be installed at the highest point to remove air.

3. The axial ends of the cylinder cannot be fixed and the one end must be kept floating to prevent the influence of thermal expansion. Axial expansion and contraction due to factors such as fluid pressure and thermal expansion in the cylinder. If the ends of the cylinder are fixed, it will cause deformation of each part of the cylinder.

4. The gap between the guide sleeve and the piston rod should meet the requirements.

5. Pay attention to the parallelism and straightness of the steering rack cylinder and the guide rail. The deviation should be within 0.1 mm/full length. If the total length of the busbar on the hydraulic cylinder is too poor, the bottom surface of the bracket of the  cylinder or the contact surface of the scraping machine should be repaired to meet the requirements; if the side busbar is out of tolerance, the hydraulic cylinder and the fixing screw can be loosened, the positioning lock can be removed, and the correction can be made. The accuracy of its side busbars.

power steering rack for AUDI