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Steering Gear Factory Prevent Cavitation
- Nov 10, 2018 -

steering gear factory prevent cavitation

Let us show steering rack for BMW as example 

(1) Prevent oil temperature from being too high and reduce the impact of hydraulic pressure

Reasonable design of the heat dissipation system and prevention of excessive oil temperature is the key to maintaining the normal temperature of our hydraulic steering gear oil. If an abnormality occurs, you should find the cause and eliminate it in time. When manipulating the hydraulic joystick and the distribution valve, it is necessary to strive for stability, not too fast, too fast, and it is not advisable to increase the throttle of the engine frequently to minimize the impact of the hydraulic oil on the hydraulic components. At the same time, the cooling system should be maintained in a timely manner to keep the temperature of the cooling system within a suitable range to reduce the energy released when the bubble bursts. While not affecting the normal circulation of the coolant, a certain amount of the anti-corrosion additive may be appropriately added to suppress the rust.

(2) Pay attention to exhaust when repairing

After the power steering rack hydraulic cylinder is repaired, the hydraulic system should be operated smoothly for a certain period of time, so that the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system can be fully circulated; if necessary, the oil inlet pipe (or oil return pipe) of the hydraulic cylinder can be disassembled, so that The hydraulic oil overflows to achieve the effect of exhausting a single hydraulic cylinder.

steering rack for bmw