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Steering Rack Factory Dongna Inspire The Potential And Smelt The DONGNA Team's First Exploration And Training Activities As Scheduled
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Steering rack factory Dongna Inspire the potential and smelt the DONGNA team's first exploration and training activities as scheduled

In order to improve the teamwork ability of new and old employees and increase mutual feelings, from November 14th to 15th, 2018, EASTRED STOCK Co., Ltd. organized new and old employees to go to Ningbo for outdoor exploration and training activities.

After the start of the class, build a foundation of mutual trust through warm-up activities to create a team atmosphere. According to the coach's guidance, the participants were divided into four groups to carry out the activities of starting the team name, singing the team song, and doing the team flag.

Through the team's generation, display and integration, Dongna—power steering rack experienced manufacturer shares employees learn and change during the training. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration and courage, everyone deeply feels that “only perfect team, no perfect individual" and "the responsibility to be a member of the team." Through this expansion training, everyone deeply realized that the strength of the team is huge. Success belongs to every member of the team. If there is no team member working together, many things are difficult to complete. Second, the difficulties are real, but they tend to expand in imagination, and defeating yourself is the first step to success! Again, more communication, more sharing, good ideas and ideas can be improved in communication. Learn to empathize, put yourself in the shoes of others, understand more, and care more.

Although the exploration activity is over, the impact on employees is far from over. This outdoor exploration and training activity is a baptism for employees. It is a driving force to further promote our efforts to do all kinds of work, to make our steering gear and engine mount products more perfect.

 It is a culture, a spirit and a concept of transmission, or a kind of thinking, a kind of Enlightenment.....

come from TAIZHOU DONGNA--manufacturer of steering rack for Ford

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