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Steering Rack Factory Special Working Conditions And Environment
- Nov 09, 2018 -

steering rack factory special working conditions and environment:

eg: steering rack for Chrysler, DONGNA uses follow material

Power steering rack Cylinder: generally use 45# forged steel or higher; the surface roughness of the cylinder can reach 0.4, the surface of the inner hole forms a uniform mesh honing pattern, and the piston forms a uniform surface on the cylinder in the reciprocating motion. Oil film.

Piston rod: generally need to be quenched, quenched and tempered to HB241-286, and the surface should be hard chrome plated, the thickness reaches 0.03-0.05, or meet the requirements of HRC55-65; also need to be polished to make the surface cleanliness 0.4um~0.2um.

1) steering gear Cylinder:

Machine tools----mostly use high-strength cast iron (HT200), when the pressure exceeds 8MPa, the use of seamless steel pipe.

Construction machinery----mostly use 35 steel and 45 steel seamless steel pipe. When the pressure is high, 27SiMn seamless steel pipe or 45 steel forging can be used.

2) Piston:

Integral pistons—mostly 35 steel and 45 steel.

Assembled pistons - often used in gray cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, aluminum alloy, etc., special needs can be installed on the outside of the steel piston blank with bronze, brass and nylon wear sleeves.

3) Piston rod:

Generally, 35 steel and 45 steel are used. When the impact vibration of the hydraulic cylinder is large, alloy materials such as 55 steel or 40Cr can be used. There are also 40Cr or 45# steel, quenched and tempered HB220-240 or so, the surface is plated with hard chrome unilateral 3-5 filaments, the hardness is about HV900-1100.

 steering rack for chrysler