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Steering Rack Factory Tell You The Material Requirements
- Nov 08, 2018 -

steering rack factory tell you the material requirements

the material requirements of steering gear each part

eg: steering gear for AUDI

Large hydraulic steering rack cylinders are mainly composed of hydraulic cylinders, cylinder bottoms, cylinder heads, piston rods, pistons, earrings or flanges, and mounted bases. Generally speaking, in the absence of special working conditions and the absence of strong acid and alkali, the materials of the various components of the large power steering rack cylinder are:

1) Cylinder: 35# seamless steel pipe, 45# seamless steel pipe, extra large hydraulic cylinder, need to use 45# cast steel or higher forging steel parts to make

2) Piston rod: 35 steel and 45 steel are generally used. When the impact vibration of the hydraulic cylinder is large, alloy materials such as 55 steel or 40Cr can be used.

3) Piston:

Integral pistons: Most use 35 steel and 45 steel.

Assembled pistons: Gray cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, aluminum alloy, etc. are often used. Specially required wear-resistant sleeves of bronze, brass and nylon can be placed on the outside of the steel piston blank.

4) Cylinder head: When the working pressure is P10MPa, use high-strength cast iron (HT200), when P20MPa, use seamless steel pipe, and cast steel or forged steel is better.

steering gear for Audi