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Steering Rack Failure And Troubleshooting
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Power Steering rack failure and troubleshooting

Steering heavy

• 1) Cause of failure

• (1) The oil is too dirty, the filter is blocked or the oil level is low.

• (2) There is a lot of air in the power steering system.

• (3) Foreign matter in the steering rack system causes the steering pump flow control valve to become stuck.

• (4) The tire pressure is insufficient, the steering column of the pump interferes, the connection is loose, and the pump installation position is loose.

• (5) The bolts at the connection points of the tubing are loose, causing the steering fluid to leak.

• (6) The steering piston cylinder is too worn, the oil seal is poorly sealed, and the control valve is stuck or damaged.

• 2) Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

• (1) Check the steering gear, oil cup filter, steering oil, and clean the entire power steering system.

• (2) If the pump is dirty, be sure to clean the inside and outside of the booster pump and tubing (do not use cotton gauze or other multi-fiber cloth, clean with a clean brush), and vent air to the steering system as specified.

• (3) Inflate the tires as specified and adjust the performance of the engine.

• (4) Refuel to the specified oil level and check or replace the oil cup.

• (5) Check the connections of the tubing and tighten the connecting bolts.

• (6) Replace the tubing, power steering pump or power steering rack.

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