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Steering Rack Manufacturer's Handling Method For Steering Rack Oil Spill Emergency
- Nov 01, 2018 -

While you found your steering rack begin to oil leakage suddenly, be not worry, as experienced steering gear factory, Taizhou dongna recommend you to follow below steps:

1. Check the booster oil level. If it is missing, add it to the upper limit. Regularly observe the level of the booster oil to determine the speed of the oil spill.

2. When you are in the direction, you will hear an abnormal sound under the sole of the foot. It may be caused by lack of oil in the steering machine. At this time, it is best to add the boosting oil to make the steering machine sufficiently lubricated.

3. If oil leakage is found and abnormal noise occurs, but no booster oil can be added, it is recommended to repair it as soon as possible. The maintenance method of the power steering rack oil leakage is to first judge all the oil leakage points, including the steering gear and the booster pump, in order to completely solve the oil leakage problem. The current maintenance method is where to change the problem, the steering rack oil leakage to replace the steering assembly. If the abnormal noise has been in place for a while and the booster oil has abrasive debris, the entire steering assist system components, including booster pumps, steering gear, piping, and storage tanks, must be replaced. If the direction of the oil leakage of the steering rack is lack of lubrication, the direction will be abnormal, and the abnormal noise will be small to large. However, the steering gear will not be locked immediately due to lack of lubrication, so the driver can have enough time to stop the inspection.