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Steering Rack Manufacturers Talked About Steering Oil Replacement Methods And Precautions
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Steering rack manufacturers talked about steering oil replacement methods and precautions

Hello, everybody, Do you know how to replace your steering rack hydraulic oil and what should you pay attention during this operation? Today, TAIZHOU DONGNA company opened a training lesson to our office new members, so that they could provide more better service to our customers.

The reduction of steering assist oil or the ingress of air or abrasive contamination directly affects the performance of the power steering device and also the service life of the steering system. Therefore, checking, supplementing, and replacing the steering assist oil and exhaust gas are prerequisites for the performance check of the power steering device, and also an important routine maintenance operation. Let's take a look at how to check and replace the power steering. oily.

(1) Inspection of steering assist oil

The engine is running at idle speed, repeatedly turning the steering wheel to the end, so that the temperature of the steering assist oil reaches 40 degrees Celsius and 80 ° C. If the steering assist oil is foaming or whitish, the oil should be changed (the oil level should be between the specified ranges) If the oil is insufficient, after checking that there is no leakage in each part, the steering assist oil should be made up according to the specified grade.

(2) turn to steering rack hydraulic oil replacement

In addition to the need to replace the hydraulic oil when it is damaged, it should be replaced regularly.

The replacement method is to first lift the front wheel of the car, loosen the oil drain plug or return pipe under the power steering device, and put the oil into the container.

Start the engine idling, and drain the oil while repeatedly pumping the steering wheel until the hydraulic oil is drained. When adding steering power to the steering gear, the hydraulic oil of the specified grade should be added to the storage tank to the specified liquid level, and filtered by the filter to prevent impurities from being mixed into the oil. In the case of engine idling, turn the steering wheel left and right, but do not kill until there is no gas in the oil, the oil is milky white.

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