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Steering Rack System Speed Conrol Fault Analysis And Processing Methods
- Nov 06, 2018 -

The main reason for steering rack actuator crawling

eg: steering rack for AUDI

1. Entering air into the system;

2. Due to poor lubrication, the axis of the guide rail and the hydraulic cylinder are not parallel, the sealing pressure of the piston rod is too tight, and the bending and deformation of the piston rod cause the friction force of the steering gear cylinder to change greatly during the working stroke to cause creep;

3. In the oil inlet throttle speed control system, the power steering rack cylinder has no back pressure or back pressure, and when the external load changes, the cylinder speed changes;

4. The pulsation of the flow of the hydraulic pump is large, and the vibration of the overflow valve causes the pressure pulsation of the system to be large, causing the hydraulic cylinder to input the pressure oil to fluctuate and cause creep;

5. The valve port of the throttle valve is blocked, the system leakage is unstable, and the pressure reducing valve in the speed regulating valve is not flexible, causing the flow to be unstable and causing creep.

steering rack for Audi