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Steering Rack Valve Limit Adjustment Instructions
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Steering rack valve limit adjustment instructions

Automatic stroke limit valve adjustment instructions

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Thank you for purchasing Dongna's power steering rack assembly. Due to the safety on the product Installed automatic travel limit valve, to prevent adjustment errors, improve loading efficiency in the installation,Be sure to read the user manual and the travel limit valve adjustment instructions in detail during the process.

1. The stroke unloading valve installed in this machine is arranged on the side of the steering gear, which is automatically adjusted, bottom

The M12×1.5 bolt is part of the stroke limit valve. It is not removable. This product is always at the factory

The number of laps is preset to be 5 laps less than the total number of laps when the car is full-turning, so the customer is actually loading

When the car feels that the wheel angle is not enough, the travel limit valve can be adjusted according to the vehicle's corner.

For details, please refer to the following "installation procedures".

2, installed procedures

2.1 Install the steering gear on the car chassis bracket and connect the cleaned pipes correctly.

2.2 Install and fasten the mark of the steering vertical arm and the mark of the steering gear output.

2.3 Connect the straight rod ball head to the steering vertical arm and lock it with a nut

2.4 Use the jack to support the front axle so that the front wheels on both sides are off the ground and ensure safety.

2.5 Inject new hydraulic oil into the tank

2.6 Start the car engine at idle speed and continue to replenish the new oil until it is full

2.7 Direction to the left until the limit of the bridge

2.8 Direction to the right until the limit of the bridge

29 After completing the steps 27 and 2.8, the direction is changed several times, and the new oil is added.

Until the steering tank is full and no bubbles are emerging

3, matters needing attention

★3.1 When adjusting the stroke unloading valve, be sure to adjust it after installing the straight rod, otherwise,

The range limit valve will be pressed to the end and will fail

★3.2 Make sure that the hydraulic oil in the steering system is clean, and the dirty oil will cause the stroke limit valve card.

x live and cause heavy steering

3.3 When adjusting the stroke unloading valve, the hand feel will be turned when turning the steering wheel to the two extreme positions of the bridge.

Slightly heavy, only need to increase the hand force until the limit of the bridge is reached.

34 The stroke unloading device carried by this machine does not follow the order of 27 and 2.8 during the adjustment process.

Line adjustment will not affect the use of the limit valve, as long as the left and right full strokes are rotated several times

The limit of the bridge can be.

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