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Talent Training, Engine Mount Factory Dongna To Carry Out The First Phase Of Internal Competition In 2019
- Mar 21, 2019 -

In order to better implement the principle of employing the sages, the wise man is on the side, the actor is in the middle, and the actor is in the front, the principle that the cadres can get on and off, the personnel can enter and exit, the institutions can set up and withdraw, income The high-energy and low-power “four-energy” employment mechanism will create a good environment for retaining talents and maintain the core competitiveness of Dongna enterprises.

On Mar 21st, employees will apply for the initial review of the regional departments, and the first internal competition interview will be held on the fourth floor of the company. The room was held. The 14 employees who participated in the competition stated their business expertise. After the interview team conducted in-depth evaluations on career positioning and vocational skills, six employees obtained their favorite positions through this competition. Internal competition mechanism It is a unique internal talent selection method of Dongna, which fully stimulates the employees' sense of responsibility and responsibility, actively taps the potential of employees, forms an internal engine mount training mechanism, and escorts the company's sustainable development.

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