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The Direction Of The Place Is Harmful To The Vehicle, So How Do We Operate?
- Nov 25, 2018 -

The direction of the place is harmful to the vehicle steering rack, so how do we operate?

First of all, the habit of developing a vehicle to move and then direction is the most important. Remember the mouth: the direction of the car moves, the car stops in the direction of stopping."

For example, when the vehicle turns around, in order to reduce the turning radius, the two directions are turned as little as possible. At this time, the direction can be quickly changed when the wheel is slightly rotated, so as to achieve the same purpose as the original direction. For example, in some special cases - when a very narrow road turns around, in order to safely and inevitably need to be in the same direction, it is forbidden to hit the direction in the end.

When the front or the parking space is close to the obstacle, quickly hit the opposite direction to prepare for the vehicle to move forward or backward, and reserve a safety clearance.

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