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Together To Improve The Future Together – Dongna Held The First Supplier Conference
- Dec 23, 2018 -

Dongna Company held the first supplier conference since its establishment in Fuzhou on November 18, 2012. The chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and subsidiary of Dongna subsidiary of nearly 30 major suppliers from all over the country. A total of more than 100 delegates were invited to the meeting.

At the meeting, the founder and chairman of EASTRED STOCK Co., Ltd. elaborated on the corporate philosophy of “Practical Innovation” and the cooperation concept of “cooperation and win-win” with suppliers, and on the development status and future of the company. The three-year development plan fully explained the sincere gratitude to the suppliers for their support and assistance in the development of Dongna.

At the meeting, the company's business departments also gave an interactive introduction to Dongna's experience in implementing lean production management methods, Dongna's experience in quality management, and problems encountered during the cooperation between the two parties.

The meeting received strong support and cooperation from the suppliers. The response was strong. The delegates fully affirmed the results of the organization of the Dongna Company.

The meeting came to a close with the enthusiastic thanks speech and the lively toasting banquet of Chairman Ke.

Everyone is looking forward to the next time, looking forward to the greater glory of Dongna, and look forward to Dongna and suppliers to fulfill the theme of "to jointly improve the future together."

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