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TS16949 Of Steering Rack Training Successfully Completed
- Dec 20, 2018 -

According to the company's 2019 training plan, and in order to meet the requirements of training and communication among employees of various departments, improve the technical level and overall quality of employees, and ensure the effective operation of the TS16949 quality system, the company invited from Dec 16th to Dec 20th,SGS senior lecturer Xu an teacher gave a four-day training on the new TS16949 internal auditor, APQP and FMEA knowledge.

This training provides important assistance for improving the auditing skills of internal auditors, in-depth knowledge of TS16949 quality system expertise, and understanding the steering rack requirements of automotive companies. The company has always attached importance to employee training. This training is only part of the company's many training activities. This is one of the measures taken by the company to establish a learning organization. The company adopted a training model of “people-oriented” to improve the quality of employees, and established a talent training mechanism that can fully motivate employees. Employee training is the source of continuous benefits for the company, which makes DONGNA people unsatisfied to improve the quality of products and services, and improve efficiency through continuous learning and innovation.

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